Copyright for bloggers

RMIT’s copyright quick guide  informs us that blogging is done in a public space, and there are responsibilities that come along with publishing your work publicly. Copyright infringe is a serious offense in the modern world of the web.

The guide tells us that;

  • short quotes in text can easily just be referenced, but long quotes (e.g. a quote larger than a paragraph) are considered too much and would require written permission for use.
  • Creative Commons is a great place to source out images that can easily just be referenced
  • Embedding film from other sites is generally ok because the link is from the actual site it was sourced from and still listed as a visitor to that site (still reference to be safe). However, downloading and uploading a video as your own is an offense. even recording snippets of a video is an offense.
  • embedding and linking are key features of blogging. The sharing and embedding function is an explicit license from the owner of the content for you to share it on your blog. Look for and use the share or embed function for content you wish to repost.
  • Linking to material is fine, unless the website explicitly states linking is not permitted [which is rare]

After coming across the issues of copyright all last year in first year Media at RMIT I am pretty comfortable with the whole procedure.


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