Discovering Lifehacker

So this week I went out into the deep mysterious web to find some blogs that I would be interested in (either for personal or academic reasons) so as I could learn from them or gain my own ideas of what I want my blog to be like, look like and sound like. I discovered particular blog drew my attention because of the dense content that seemed relevant to me.

To start off, I liked that it used a very colloquial language, simple and easy to read, and it inspired me to do things better (eg. eat better, organise my time better, helps me filter through netflix), telling me how simple it was to improve my own quality of life.

I think it works well because generally people gobble this type of material right up. Reading things like this make them feel better about themselves because they feel more intelligent and tell themselves that they’ll do all the things that are suggested (even though most of them won’t). I think it has a great set-up with everything categorised and easily accessible. The theme looks neat and academic, giving the reader the sense that the opinions posted are researched facts.
They use featured imagery to draw the audience in, and feature popular culture. The colloquial and easy to understand language used by the authors draws in an audience because it makes all the things discussed/advised come across as simple as well. So the audience feels as if reading this text changes them for the better with little effort.


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