My past in tagging has all been through Tumblr and Instagram, but now I’m beginning to explore tagging on blogs. I’ve never really been one to professionally tag things how tags were designed to be used, I more used them as a pathway to wit, making the stupidest tags possible that were more like weird ‘P.S.’ statements at the end of a letter than words that would help people interested find your content.

For example, in my fingerling days I would tag One Direction photos with something like #wtfwhyishesoprettythoughlikewhywhywhywhymarryme – no one is going to search that.

So today I’ve learnt and been encouraged to actually simplify my posts in a few words to make it more accessible to all visitors. I think this will be very useful for me because I’m generally not one to have my title as simply what the post is, it’s more used as something to draw readers in.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 5.13.16 PM.png


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