#1: My Media Interaction

Day #1: Monday the 20th – Tuesday the 21st of March

What: posted 2 photos (2 separate accounts) – production

      • one photo on my public account (friends and family)
      • one on my private account (only close friends)

How: I took both of the photos on my iPhone, and slightly edited the lighting in them in the ‘Photos’ application. I then thought of some lightly humorous (if I may say so myself) captions to be the cherry on top of my post and entertain my audience.

Why: I uploaded the photo on my public account to show my friends on Instagram what I got up to over the weekend. I’m not going to deny that it’s fake, I mean yes I was so happy to be enjoying a night with my friends but the photo was set up to make it look more perfect than it was. I also uploaded it for myself, I use Instagram as a sort of edited album for myself, to save great memories. I uploaded the photo on my private account to update my closest friends on what I was doing at the time (complaining about something of course). This account is a ‘truth behind the Insta’ kind of set up, where all the photos we post are the ones without filters, that are more to show each other exactly what we’re up to.

What: liked multiple photos – interaction

How: I was using Instagram with my phone, so I simply entered the application (generally upon encouragement through notifications from the app), scrolled down and double tapped on every photo that I generally liked.

Why: I did this to show my appreciation for others’ contribution, and I was reminded to check up on the newest feed with notifications that encouraged me to enter the app.

What: stalked people I don’t follow in the explore section – consumption

        • looked at pretty photos and then went on to the distributers profile to check out their account
        • continued finding people through those accounts and kept going

How: it’s very easy to find new accounts on Instagram, I don’t follow a lot of people because it fills up my news feed too much and I can’t keep up to date, so I randomly stalk instead.

Why: I felt the need to know what was happening in people’s lives. I wanted to see their pretty or funny photos and appreciate them. To keep up to date and in the know.


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