#2: My Media Interaction

#2: Tuesday the 21st – Wednesday the 22nd of March

What: went on a YouTube watching binge, got lost in videos of covered songs that had been edited to show videos of One Direction, I then went on to make a playlist on YouTube that included all these songs that I enjoyed and made me feel emotional.

How: I went on YouTube to watch a quick DIY but got distracted immediately by my ‘suggested’ section, as a song/video I’ve already seen and loved came up and I was instantly in the mood to hear and watch it. YouTube suggestions are a great method used by YouTube to keep an audience engaged in the site, so you finish watching something and it suggests relevant videos for you, and this goes on and on until you exit the site (which can be very hard to do). YouTube also has ‘playlists’ and a ‘watch later’ category so as you can track your own use of the site and plan for easy use in the future.

Why: I just felt in the mood to watch a video, and after watching and listening to a few I thought ‘I want to listen to these all again’, and so I made my own playlist

What: Watched a TV series and a Movie on Netflix (vampire diaries and me before you)

How: I logged onto my sisters Netflix account with the intention of watching a movie and immediately saw that Me Before You had been recently uploaded so I watched it straight away (and yes I cried) before I went to sleep. When I woke up I had some spare time before my study timetable started so I went onto Netflix again and in the Continue Watching category saw Vampire Diaries and thought ‘I might watch that’. So I did.

Why: I wanted to fill in my spare time with watching something and Netflix was readily available and easily accessible.

What: made a new playlist on Spotify

How: I have Spotify on both my laptop and iPhone, so I can access it at almost anytime, since I’m always on one or the other. I pay for the app monthly so that I can save songs when I’m online to listen to offline. The app allows me to search radio stations and other peoples playlists so i can easily access new music and add them to my own library.

Why: I just love listening to music, I do it as much as a I can.


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