#3: My Media Interaction

#3: Wednesday the 22nd – Thursday the 23rd

What: Uploaded a photo on Facebook

How: Took a photo on my iPhone with a friend. Then uploaded it in my already existing album. Facebook allows you to easily upload photos at anytime from any device.

Why: I uploaded this photo because the album represents all the ‘fun’ and ‘social’ things I’ve done throughout the year (obviously a filtered version), and I do this so that any one of my friends can go on my profile and see all the things that I’ve been doing

What: Read news articles on Facebook

How: Facebook offers tonnes of media at every turn. I can find news in my NEWS feed, in the ‘top news’ category and from being tagged in things and having things sent to me. I’m constantly bombarded with new information and media, from advertisements to magazine pages, even memes can be informative these days.

Why: I go on Facebook to keep up with new things, from what my friends are doing, to advances in popular culture and breaking world news. As the most compact form as social media this is expected. Facebook does everything and I find out most information through this platform.

What: Watched a movie trailer that came up in my news feed on Facebook.

How: Facebook is constantly advertising things, and due to the algorithms running in the background I get specific advertisements that are targeted at me due to what I look at, search, like and follow. Therefore it knows what I’m interested in and what movies I would likely want to see.

Why: I watched it because as Facebook predicted, I was indeed interested in seeing that particular film (Love Actually 2 ).

What: Watched another film on Netflix

How: I logged on to my account and simply scrolled through the database to find something I was in the mood to watch. Netflix is my first choice to watch movies because it’s external ad free (only advertises it’s own content), is quick and easy to use and of course because I already pay for it.

Why: I had some spare time on my plate before bed.


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