#4: My Media Interaction

#4: Thursday the 23rd to Friday the 24th of March

What: Used Google drive to complete University work

How: I have two accounts on google drive, one for personal use and one for University use. I live on my drive for university. The drive automatically uploads all my files to the web so as I can access them from any device as long as it has an internet connection.

Why: The drive is so easy to use and as I work on desktops at uni, my laptop at home and my phone when I’m out and about it’s certainly the best way for me to always have access to my work. For this particular assignment it’s been great because I can go on a google doc from anywhere and list out my internet use for the day as it happens (which is quite ironic) and then no matter what I wrote it on I can still access the list from any device.

What: Watched an online video on YouTube, a ‘how to’ in an effort to fix my portable hard drive.

How: I typed into google the issue with my hard drive and clicked on the top 3 links that were relevant. Two of these were ‘fix it’ kind of sites that described in a step-by-step fashion of what to do to solve the problem. The other was a YouTube video that actually showed you what to do so as to make it clearer exactly how to fix things.

Why: One thing I love about the internet is the extreme amount of communication and access to other people’s knowledge. I love taking advantage of things that make it quicker and easier for me to solve a problem I have, this is in place of physically taking it to somewhere or someone to analyse and fix (probably at a cost)

What: Downloaded an application on my mobile.

How: I followed an advertisement of a game that was in the game I was playing at the time.

Why: I’ve been trying to ‘train my brain’ so as I can expand my memory capacity and train myself to solve more problems etc. This advertisement was obviously relevant to the application I was already using and so was effectively placed for people like me. I downloaded the app because it was small and free.




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