#5: My Media Interaction

#5: Friday the 24th to Saturday the 25th of March

What: Once again, watched a film online.

How: I streamed it illegally from 123movies.com on my laptop.

Why: I watched it because I’d previously heard about the film and after some light research I found that it was very highly critically acclaimed. It had great online reviews (imdb), yet it wasn’t licensed for Netflix so I had to scout it out from other servers. I chose to look up my online reviews from imdb because it is such a popular and widely used source and therefor I find it pretty reliable and expect it’s information to be accurate. It’s also free. I used 123movies because I’ve used it in the past and found it to be of relatively good quality and minimal ads/viruses.

What: Played around on Facebook, scrolling aimlessly through news feed and saving articles, memes and videos.

How: I accessed Facebook on my iPhone in the free application

Why: I was temporarily bored as my boyfriend was playing on his PS4 and I could easily look at my news feed and half listen/half watch him. I always scroll aimlessly like this because it’s addictive to stay up to date with social media, get the latest memes and tag everyone before they tag you. It’s so easy to do this when doing other things too because it doesn’t require your full attention, you can easily look up and stop scrolling or pause a video etc.

What: Googled a phone number to cancel a debit card.

How: Opened up the google application on my phone

Why: I had lost my credit card and needed to cancel it ASAP. I googled it online because I knew that i’d find a solution with a phone number to call that would immediately cancel my card and stop people from accessing my account and stealing my money. This was certainly the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to do this, compared to going into my branch which I would have to travel to get to and waiting in line at customer service to ask them to cancel my card, not to mention I would have to wait until Monday when the branch would be open in business hours.

What: Accessed the CommBank application on my phone, and googled the gmcu website.

How: The CommBank app on my phone is so simple to use, it registers my fingerprint to give me immediate access to my NetBank account whenever and where ever. The GMCU website isn’t as easy to access as it isn’t an application, however on the website there is an option for mobile banking which is a mobile compatible system and screen.

Why: I need to immediately access both my accounts to check that all my funds were still there and had not been stolen, and to transfer money from one bank to the other to pay rent.


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