#6: My Media Interaction

#6: Saturday the 25th to Sunday the 26th of March

What: Looked up online what zoo tickets cost on the Melbourne Zoo website.

How: Typed into google ‘Melbourne zoo tickets’ and clicked on the first link.

Why: I wanted to go to the zoo but needed to make sure I could afford it. The website also offered a list of animals that were available to see at the present time. I looked this up because after watching so many videos of animals I thought ‘I want to go to the zoo’. I also needed to make sure that it wasn’t too expensive so as I wouldn’t waste time and effort getting to the zoo only to find out that it was out of my budget.

What: Updated my availability for work on Zeus TimeTarget.

How: I was sent an email reminder which included a link to follow to the site.

Why: The site easily allows me to notify my work (a very large corporation) that I am available for certain times, dates and events so as they can save time in offering me shifts as I can actually work at the times I’ve specified. This is much better than the comparison of them just blindly offering me shifts and wasting time and energy when I reject them and they have to continue offering them to others. It also makes it so much simpler that they send me emails that give me access to the site at the best times for the company.

What: Sent snapchats to my friends and read all the snapchat articles, and tested out the newest filters.

How: I simply accessed the app on my phone after receiving notifications that I was receiving snaps. I do not use snapchat how it was designed to be used (surroundings, photogarphing what I’m up to. I use my story for that sometimes, if I think it’s interesting enough to be uploaded and viewed by all my friends. I instead send stupid videos of myself and hold random conversations and catchups.

Why: I use Snapchat because I find it the most interesting means of communication for me. It’s fun and interactive and the articles are a great way to interact with media as you can easily send them to your friends and play the little games they include. There’s an option to subscribe to all the magazines that are active but I prefer to check them out whenever I feel like it.


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