#7: My Media Interaction

#7: Sunday the 26th to Monday the 27th of March

What: Watched a television series on Netflix

How: I saw a meme on Facebook that was of the show and so I opened a new tab on my laptop and accessed Netflix to watch it whilst I was doing other small things that required little attention.

Why: I felt like watching something light and funny to relax after studying lots, working, going to house inspections and just being generally busy. Watching Netflix is left for my downtime and sometimes I desperately need some downtime. As I’ve previously stated, Netflix is ridiculously easy to use and it’s free for me (my sister pays and I leech off her account). I can watch it on my tv, phone and laptop and it quickly loads with a good internet connection, is ad free and best of all is effort free as all the episodes continue on after each other, rather than if I was illegally streaming them I’d have to access a different link to watch a different episode etc.

What: Applied for houses online with both the domain and real estate websites. Then looked up the location for these houses on the maps application on my iPhone.

How: As I’ve been accessing these sites a lot lately they have started to be advertised all over my laptop and phone, I am constantly getting popups on random websites, receiving emails and text messages all linking me to the site to check out the newest houses on the market. To look up the location I simply type in the address and can instantly see how far the house is from everything that I need.

Why: I’m currently looking for a place to rent and so of course I’m actively applying online for houses. It’s an easy and quick way to check out places and give people access to my information in a timely manner. The constant bombardment I receive from advertisements and reminders gives me constant access and ability to interact with these sites. Checking the location is important to me as I’m a young student without a car and need to be close to netball, uni, work and hopefully some friends.

What: Emailed people I found on FlatmateFinder.com as well the ‘Fairy Floss Real Estate’ page on Facebook, letting them know that I’m interested in sharing their houses with them.

How: The flatmate finder website offers contact details for each applicant and facebook advertisements on fairy floss real estate messaged me their details when I showed interest in renting out their room.

Why: I used these contact details to contact people via email as I think it’s an effective yet professional media platform to use for such an occasion. My email is also easily accessible on both my phone and laptop so I can receive notifications of responses as quickly as possible.


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