Documentation analysis #2

  1. I take the online access that I have for granted. 
  • I am constantly connected on my phone, tv and laptop, yet all I do is consume.
  • I have the potential to do more
  • I don’t notice how connected and how reliant I am on the online platforms
  • I use the major platforms constantly (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Emails, Google, YouTube, Netflix etc.) but I’m also always using smaller ones a lot less often, yet I’m still reliant on them (Maps, Uber, Spotify etc.)
  • Functional Vs Social – structural flows between content. Facebook leads where, why am I on there.
  • When do I HAVE to do things online, I’m forced to use it (forms online etc)
  • I understand why I use it for functional uses but why do I use it for social – is it really social? Is there crossover between the two in this generation?
  • Feeling forced to be on social platforms, to stay up to date, FOMO
  • Can discuss netball pages, communications that are functional but are accessed on social sites (Facebook has lots of official pages etc.). Can discuss Domain, TimeTarget.

I think it’ll be interesting to explore the ideas behind Functional use of online media and Social use. Not only in comparison but also how they interconnect and can be one and the same in our modern society, as it has become culture to be a consumer and create of online media.

I want to explore these ideas because I think about how convenient to use and how accessible the internet has made things, it’s normal and easy for me to follow but older generations struggle to adapt and I find this interesting (and frustrating).



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