Documentation analysis #1

Over the last 7 days I have been (attempting) to document all, or most, of my media use on that has been occurring daily, and then writing up a blog post about said use. This was the first task of our 1st assessment for Networked Media as it is a starting point to analysing our own contribution and interaction with online media.

The week was eye opening for me as I realized how much media I actually interacted with online. I mean I knew it was going to be a lot but I was still surprised at exactly how much ‘a lot’ was. I noticed that I was almost constantly consuming online media and rarely ever creating and sharing it myself. The first 3 days of documentation were easy, I focused each on a major media platform that I often use (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube). The 4 days following were more interesting. I found them more difficult to write because I started repeating things that I had already said. This was strange because I do not have a daily routine at all in life, yet I tended to have similarities in my daily interaction with social media’s and other online platforms.

I was pleasantly surprised that each day I had at least one little new thing I had done compared to the previous day, whether it be downloading a new application, booking an Uber, uploading a photo or applying for houses and browsing housing websites. At first thought I didn’t consider these things to be relevant as I didn’t use them as heavily as the main platforms, but I now think the opposite, little things do count and they will help me in the rest of this assessment as they prove the connections I have with the online atmosphere and how much I rely on media every single day.

I honestly thought that this task would be a total chore for me every night, but, even though I ay have been late with some entries, I found the results entertaining to overlook upon. It really illuminated that I would be up struggle street if I didn’t have the online access that I have today, and that I certainly take it for granted. It’s no wonder the older generations find it difficult to keep up. We are constantly online doing everything that they used to physically do through the web.


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