Documentation analysis #3

After reflecting upon all my previous blog entries I’ve begun to realise all the different ways I really do use media when looking at them all as a whole. I’ve nailed my main uses to 3 separate topics, these are;

  • accessing online media for social uses (I both want to do this and feel pressured to),
  • accessing online media for professional uses (I have to do this in order to complete uni work, update work rosters, find my way home on public transport etc.) and
  • using online media as a platform for pure consumption for entertainment purposes (Netflix, YouTube, Facebook etc. any site that I browse in my free time that isn’t necessary to me).

I realised throughout my blogging that everyday was so similar yet so different. I always used the same major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Email, however it were the little things that interested me such as Uber, Tram Tracker, Google search, Google Maps, TimeTarget, and online banking. (all of these are applications on my mobile). I certainly found that I accessed much more different medias on my mobile than any other platform as it is always in hand and the quickest device on which i can access any information I desire or require.

I’ve discovered that I’m extremely reliant on media and I’ve been quite oblivious to this fact, and why wouldn’t I be, it’s been a long time since the internet hasn’t been available for me to access with the touch of a thumb. Not only am I reliant on it but I’m heavily encouraged to use it for professional reasons such as university, work and banking. In fact I’d be unable to do many things relating to these topics without access to online media. I don’t think I could have even applied to be a student at RMIT without it (research, discovery through advertising, application, payments, student portal, email).

After all these discoveries I’ve become intrigued at the comparison of my internet usage between the above three reasons of use. I want to explore why and how I use it in these different ways, and how it’s changed the way I live today.


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