About me:

My name is Grace Thomas and I’m currently a 2nd year Media student at RMIT University.
This blog is an assessment for my elective ‘Networked Media’ and is a space where I will post weekly on my development though this class.

A little about the actual me:

I’m a very emotional person in life. When I like something I go past the average attachment. I become 100% dedicated and passionate about that thing or person. This is reflected by the friendships and relationships that I’ve made and kept so far in my life. My hobbies include Netball, Piano, Reading, watching Tv shows, movies and documentaries, Hiking, photography and general socialisation. I’m sure that my hobbies and emotional side will shine through all my posts which are supposed to be academic but hey, that’s just who I am and I can’t help it.

You can see me on my Instagram