#4: My Media Interaction

#4: Thursday the 23rd to Friday the 24th of March

What: Used Google drive to complete University work

How: I have two accounts on google drive, one for personal use and one for University use. I live on my drive for university. The drive automatically uploads all my files to the web so as I can access them from any device as long as it has an internet connection.

Why: The drive is so easy to use and as I work on desktops at uni, my laptop at home and my phone when I’m out and about it’s certainly the best way for me to always have access to my work. For this particular assignment it’s been great because I can go on a google doc from anywhere and list out my internet use for the day as it happens (which is quite ironic) and then no matter what I wrote it on I can still access the list from any device.

What: Watched an online video on YouTube, a ‘how to’ in an effort to fix my portable hard drive.

How: I typed into google the issue with my hard drive and clicked on the top 3 links that were relevant. Two of these were ‘fix it’ kind of sites that described in a step-by-step fashion of what to do to solve the problem. The other was a YouTube video that actually showed you what to do so as to make it clearer exactly how to fix things.

Why: One thing I love about the internet is the extreme amount of communication and access to other people’s knowledge. I love taking advantage of things that make it quicker and easier for me to solve a problem I have, this is in place of physically taking it to somewhere or someone to analyse and fix (probably at a cost)

What: Downloaded an application on my mobile.

How: I followed an advertisement of a game that was in the game I was playing at the time.

Why: I’ve been trying to ‘train my brain’ so as I can expand my memory capacity and train myself to solve more problems etc. This advertisement was obviously relevant to the application I was already using and so was effectively placed for people like me. I downloaded the app because it was small and free.




#3: My Media Interaction

#3: Wednesday the 22nd – Thursday the 23rd

What: Uploaded a photo on Facebook

How: Took a photo on my iPhone with a friend. Then uploaded it in my already existing album. Facebook allows you to easily upload photos at anytime from any device.

Why: I uploaded this photo because the album represents all the ‘fun’ and ‘social’ things I’ve done throughout the year (obviously a filtered version), and I do this so that any one of my friends can go on my profile and see all the things that I’ve been doing

What: Read news articles on Facebook

How: Facebook offers tonnes of media at every turn. I can find news in my NEWS feed, in the ‘top news’ category and from being tagged in things and having things sent to me. I’m constantly bombarded with new information and media, from advertisements to magazine pages, even memes can be informative these days.

Why: I go on Facebook to keep up with new things, from what my friends are doing, to advances in popular culture and breaking world news. As the most compact form as social media this is expected. Facebook does everything and I find out most information through this platform.

What: Watched a movie trailer that came up in my news feed on Facebook.

How: Facebook is constantly advertising things, and due to the algorithms running in the background I get specific advertisements that are targeted at me due to what I look at, search, like and follow. Therefore it knows what I’m interested in and what movies I would likely want to see.

Why: I watched it because as Facebook predicted, I was indeed interested in seeing that particular film (Love Actually 2 ).

What: Watched another film on Netflix

How: I logged on to my account and simply scrolled through the database to find something I was in the mood to watch. Netflix is my first choice to watch movies because it’s external ad free (only advertises it’s own content), is quick and easy to use and of course because I already pay for it.

Why: I had some spare time on my plate before bed.

#2: My Media Interaction

#2: Tuesday the 21st – Wednesday the 22nd of March

What: went on a YouTube watching binge, got lost in videos of covered songs that had been edited to show videos of One Direction, I then went on to make a playlist on YouTube that included all these songs that I enjoyed and made me feel emotional.

How: I went on YouTube to watch a quick DIY but got distracted immediately by my ‘suggested’ section, as a song/video I’ve already seen and loved came up and I was instantly in the mood to hear and watch it. YouTube suggestions are a great method used by YouTube to keep an audience engaged in the site, so you finish watching something and it suggests relevant videos for you, and this goes on and on until you exit the site (which can be very hard to do). YouTube also has ‘playlists’ and a ‘watch later’ category so as you can track your own use of the site and plan for easy use in the future.

Why: I just felt in the mood to watch a video, and after watching and listening to a few I thought ‘I want to listen to these all again’, and so I made my own playlist

What: Watched a TV series and a Movie on Netflix (vampire diaries and me before you)

How: I logged onto my sisters Netflix account with the intention of watching a movie and immediately saw that Me Before You had been recently uploaded so I watched it straight away (and yes I cried) before I went to sleep. When I woke up I had some spare time before my study timetable started so I went onto Netflix again and in the Continue Watching category saw Vampire Diaries and thought ‘I might watch that’. So I did.

Why: I wanted to fill in my spare time with watching something and Netflix was readily available and easily accessible.

What: made a new playlist on Spotify

How: I have Spotify on both my laptop and iPhone, so I can access it at almost anytime, since I’m always on one or the other. I pay for the app monthly so that I can save songs when I’m online to listen to offline. The app allows me to search radio stations and other peoples playlists so i can easily access new music and add them to my own library.

Why: I just love listening to music, I do it as much as a I can.

#1: My Media Interaction

Day #1: Monday the 20th – Tuesday the 21st of March

What: posted 2 photos (2 separate accounts) – production

      • one photo on my public account (friends and family)
      • one on my private account (only close friends)

How: I took both of the photos on my iPhone, and slightly edited the lighting in them in the ‘Photos’ application. I then thought of some lightly humorous (if I may say so myself) captions to be the cherry on top of my post and entertain my audience.

Why: I uploaded the photo on my public account to show my friends on Instagram what I got up to over the weekend. I’m not going to deny that it’s fake, I mean yes I was so happy to be enjoying a night with my friends but the photo was set up to make it look more perfect than it was. I also uploaded it for myself, I use Instagram as a sort of edited album for myself, to save great memories. I uploaded the photo on my private account to update my closest friends on what I was doing at the time (complaining about something of course). This account is a ‘truth behind the Insta’ kind of set up, where all the photos we post are the ones without filters, that are more to show each other exactly what we’re up to.

What: liked multiple photos – interaction

How: I was using Instagram with my phone, so I simply entered the application (generally upon encouragement through notifications from the app), scrolled down and double tapped on every photo that I generally liked.

Why: I did this to show my appreciation for others’ contribution, and I was reminded to check up on the newest feed with notifications that encouraged me to enter the app.

What: stalked people I don’t follow in the explore section – consumption

        • looked at pretty photos and then went on to the distributers profile to check out their account
        • continued finding people through those accounts and kept going

How: it’s very easy to find new accounts on Instagram, I don’t follow a lot of people because it fills up my news feed too much and I can’t keep up to date, so I randomly stalk instead.

Why: I felt the need to know what was happening in people’s lives. I wanted to see their pretty or funny photos and appreciate them. To keep up to date and in the know.


My past in tagging has all been through Tumblr and Instagram, but now I’m beginning to explore tagging on blogs. I’ve never really been one to professionally tag things how tags were designed to be used, I more used them as a pathway to wit, making the stupidest tags possible that were more like weird ‘P.S.’ statements at the end of a letter than words that would help people interested find your content.

For example, in my fingerling days I would tag One Direction photos with something like #wtfwhyishesoprettythoughlikewhywhywhywhymarryme – no one is going to search that.

So today I’ve learnt and been encouraged to actually simplify my posts in a few words to make it more accessible to all visitors. I think this will be very useful for me because I’m generally not one to have my title as simply what the post is, it’s more used as something to draw readers in.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 5.13.16 PM.png